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You deserve to retire with confidence.

If you’re nearing retirement, or if you’ve already retired, you need to know that your nest egg will last at least as long as you do.

Our specialty is the implementation of The Bucket Strategy® that aims to provide you with the income you need in retirement regardless of the current economic and market conditions.

A recent T. Rowe Price survey found that respondents with a formal plan were 62.5% more confident about their financial outlook. Do you have a written retirement plan? A 30-minute complimentary meeting with an Accardi Financial Group wealth strategist may change your life. Complete the form below to get started on your your personalized Bucket Strategy plan.

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401(k) Services

We optimize your 401(k) for retirement goals with tailored strategies, ongoing monitoring, tax efficiency, and future income projections.

403(b) Support

We enhance your 403(b) plan with personalized strategies, continuous monitoring, tax efficiency, and precise income projections for a secure retirement.

Navigate Executive Level Benefits

We can help you understand your executive level benefits plus how to utilize them toward your retirement goals. This includes qualified pension plans, deferred compensation plans, stock units, company sponsored stock plans, and supplemental retirement plans.


Financial services to help you and those you love most

We are entirely focused on you.

Our company was built with you in mind.

We’ll work with you to design a strategy aimed at helping you work toward your unique goals. Then we’ll find suitable investments to match your objectives. We make decisions with your well-being in mind—not our compensation.

Save Like a Pessimist, Invest Like an Optimist
Personalized Planning

It begins with a Strategy First approach

Understanding your needs is our top priority.

We offer comprehensive, integrated financial planning and wealth management services to our clients. The firm’s wealth managers have years of experience in the areas of financial planning, asset management, investment brokerage services, and insurance.

Why You Should Consider Multiple Sources of Retirement Income
The Bucket Strategy® Retirement Income Guide

Download our Retirement Income Planning Guide

Download our retirement income guide and learn how you can potentially build an income stream for life using The Bucket Strategy®.

Take Charge of Your Financial Future Today

It all comes down to strategy and having a plan.

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Request Your Personal Bucket Strategy Retirement Plan from Accardi Financial Group

Don’t let uncertainty and fear overshadow your retirement dreams. Take control of your financial future with The Bucket Strategy®. Let us show you how The Bucket Strategy® can provide the confidence and financial freedom you deserve in retirement. Here’s what’s included in your personalized retirement analysis.

  • A retirement income strategy for filling the gap between your Social Security benefits and your overall retirement income needs
  • An asset location strategy showing you tax-efficient ways to draw from your taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free accounts
  • An investment implementation strategy that looks at your current investment portfolio before determining which investments best fit your new strategy (as well as recommendations for how your portfolio may be improved to fit your plan)
  • A deep dive into your specific Social Security situation to help you determine how Social Security fits into your overall retirement plan
  • A one-on-one consultation with an Accardi Financial Group wealth strategist to be held in person, over the phone, or via video conference
Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

It all starts with your introduction meeting with an Accardi Financial Group advisor. Just fill out the form on this page and a member of our team will reach out to schedule an appointment that works with your schedule.

Step 2: Complete the Financial Organizer

Next, a member of our financial planning team will call you at the scheduled time to ask you a few questions about your goals and your current situations. These questions provide us with a picture of your finances and will help us build your retirement income plan.

Step 3: Meet With Your Financial Advisor

Finally, you’ll be presented with custom-tailored retirement income plan that fits your unique needs. You’ll also meet with your financial planning team to further review your goals and assets. We can meet with you in person, over the phone, or via video chat.

Accardi Financial Group

About Accardi Financial Group

Designing, developing and coordinating long-term investment strategies since 1990

Since 1990, the Wealth Architects at Accardi Financial Group have been designing, developing and coordinating long-term investment strategies that help our clients pursue their vision of a fulfilling retirement.

As an independent, family-owned firm, we have the freedom to build diversified portfolios that don’t necessarily rely on branded products — so the recommendations we make are independent and chosen entirely to fit our clients’ unique needs and goals.

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