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Succession Planning

Advisor Transition and Succession Planning

An advisor’s practice is often his or her most valuable asset, yet a large majority of advisors don’t have an exit strategy allowing them to realize the benefits of their decades of hard work. The fact is, all advisors will leave their offices eventually, but the question is whether or not they will leave on their own terms.

The Accardi Financial Group, Inc. helps transitioning financial advisors monetize their businesses while making sure their most important asset (their clients) continue to be served in an outstanding manner.

If you are an experienced financial advisor interested in an orderly succession plan, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Creating a customized succession plan is critical to achieving the vision you have for protecting your clients and the legacy of your business. Advisors who have gone through the process of implementing a succession plan give sage advice: Take the time to consider all aspects of how your succession plan will affect your clients, employees, business relationships, and family. Understanding these critical elements will provide the foundation for selecting the succession strategy that best fits your personal circumstances.

Clearly no succession plan discussion is complete without the topic of valuation. Dozens of factors need to be taken into consideration, including number of clients, level of assets, investment and product mix, geography, etc.

The sale and purchase of a financial advisory practice is not purely a function of value – cultural issues and practice management issues will also affect the likelihood of success. While the process of valuation is certainly essential for evaluating a practice’s financial health, potential, and purchase price, an equally critical step in evaluating mutual suitability is determining how well the buyer’s and seller’s values, philosophies, and business cultures will fit together.

Our comprehensive succession and business acquisition resources enable us to develop a transition plan designed with the goal to ensure uninterrupted care to your clients while maintaining the strictest confidentiality.

Whether you feel your transition is imminent or a few years away, we welcome an opportunity to chat with you soon.