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The Bucket Strategy® Retirement Income Guide

Your definitive guide to retirement income planning

Download our retirement income guide and learn how you can potentially build an income stream for life using The Bucket Strategy®.

As retirement draws closer, you need more than just a generic financial plan. You deserve a strategy tailored to your unique aspirations and needs — and that’s exactly where The Bucket Strategy® comes into play, acting as the compass in your retirement journey. Download our free guide and see why.

Your future. Managed.

Secure Your Retirement with The Bucket Strategy®

Are you worried about running out of money in retirement? Concerned about paying more than you should in taxes or uncertain about leaving a legacy for your loved ones? Managing your retirement investments can be overwhelming, and making one mistake could jeopardize your financial security. But there’s a solution that can help you navigate these challenges and enjoy your golden years with confidence and peace of mind.

At Lucia Capital Group, we understand the pain points that investors like you face when managing their retirement without a structured strategy. The fear of running out of money, paying excessive taxes, and missing out on legacy planning can cast a shadow over your retirement dreams. The stakes are high, and the consequences of mismanaging your investments can be daunting.

Imagine the stress and anxiety of not knowing if your retirement savings will last. Picture the frustration of paying more than your fair share in taxes, leaving less for the things you want to enjoy during retirement. Consider the disappointment of not being able to leave a meaningful legacy for your loved ones. These worries can weigh heavily on your mind, making it difficult to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

That’s where The Bucket Strategy® comes in. Our proven approach provides a framework for making smart retirement decisions, tailored to your unique needs and goals. Working with our experienced financial advisors, you’ll create a personalized approach to managing your retirement using The Bucket Strategy®. This strategy empowers you with the confidence that you’re making informed decisions to achieve your goals and avoid the common pitfalls that retirees often encounter.

With The Bucket Strategy®, you’ll address critical retirement risks, such as sequence of returns, longevity, and stock market fluctuations. Our approach incorporates diversification with alternative investments, helping to mitigate risk while seeking new opportunities. We’ll guide you in optimizing your taxes through strategic asset location, ensuring you keep more of your hard-earned money. Additionally, our expertise in maximizing Social Security benefits will help you make the most of this important income stream.

Here's what's included

Helping you navigate the challenges of retirement planning and building an income stream that lasts

The Bucket Strategy® Retirement Income Guide

The Bucket Strategy®: A Tailored Financial Strategy for Your Retirement

Master your retirement with our guide on The Bucket Strategy for retirement income planning. Learn to segment your portfolio into short-term and long-term investments for stability and growth. Discover how to balance immediate income needs with future financial goals, potentially ensuring a secure and prosperous retirement.