Retirement Planning

Is It Possible to Re-Think Your 401k Allocation?

Have you thought much about your 401k lately? If not, that may be a good thing, especially given all the market volatility we’ve seen for the past four or five quarters. And as it turns out, one of the great features of the 401k is its design – you can set it up, forget about it, and let the markets do what they always do.  

Is It Possible to Save Too Much for Retirement?

It probably goes without saying that building a nest egg for your retirement is a good thing. In fact, you may have noticed that we at Accardi Financial Group are in the business of helping people to do exactly that. Having more money in retirement usually gives you more options, less stress, and maybe a better standard of living. 

Three Unique Benefits of a Roth IRA

Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, are (as the name implies) savings vehicles for your retirement. Pretty simple. You contribute money to it over the years, allow it to grow and compound, and once you turn age 59½, you can begin taking penalty-free distributions if you so desire.  And that’s generally true for all IRAs, whether it’s a traditional or a Roth.