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Important Information Dividend Reinvestment Program

We are writing you regarding your participation in a non-traded REIT or non-traded BDC dividend reinvestment program (“DRIP”).

As you may know, when you choose to participate in a distribution reinvestment program, distributions you receive from your non-traded REIT or non-traded BDC investment are automatically utilized to buy additional shares resulting in an increasing concentration in the investment over time. This also reduces liquidity in your portfolio.

There are many reasons why this feature may have been implemented for your investment. However due to changes in the financial markets, investment marketplace and regulatory environment, we now believe it’s best to cease participation in these DRIP programs.

For your convenience, we have prepared the enclosed paperwork necessary to change the distribution instructions on file with the related REIT or BDC sponsor to pay these distributions to cash into your account. Please click on the esignature link and sign where indicated.

We will help you determine the best use for those funds in your account.

We appreciate the ongoing trust and confidence you have shown in our firm. Please contact our office at (413) 596-5700 with any questions you might have regarding this policy change.

Thank you,

Danielle and Damon Accardi

You should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of a BDC or non-traded REIT before investing. The prospectus, which contains this and other important information, can be obtained from your financial advisor. You should read it carefully before investing or sending money.